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As an organization or brand it takes effort to stand out in this noisy world of ours. You need to be bold and be seen.  You need to connect with and move your audience.

Visually storytelling – through both photo & film – is one of the most powerful ways to do that.

These days almost anyone with enough clicks of a camera can capture beautiful imagery. My work is about the subtleties… exposing the unique in the seemingly ordinary; documenting the small moments that weave into a truly authentic & moving story; and capturing that with personality and emotion. 

This is the stuff that will set your media apart, that will make you profound, empowered and empowering.

Be bold. Let's tell your unique story. >> 

laura fravel  |  the storyteller

I began my career at the forefront of digital storytelling, filmmaking & photography with National Geographic and The Washington Post. Twenty-eight countries later, a couple close calls with a whale shark and a kangaroo, and two decades of working with over 30 brands and broadcast outlets, I now empower people and their organizations to shine. Because behind every company, is actually an amazing story of people, and that is what connects us all, even to the brands we buy.  

I've crafted powerful stories for NGOs and corporations, big and small, to include the New York Times, Microsoft, Discovery, Mercy Corps, NEST, Conservation International, Vulcan Enterprises, Travel Oregon, and the Smithsonian, among many others.  

I believe images really are worth a 1,000 words, and more now than ever before in today's digital era. Thoughtfully planned imagery tells a story, reveals personality and creates an emotional connection. THAT is what I do best... to empower people, their businesses, and to spread purposeful messages.

I take a documentary, journalistic approach, digging deep to find the subtle yet powerful moments that add up to the whole, and bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I love my morning lattes, my meditative runs, sailing the ocean, and traveling the world with my kids. And I love nothing more than connecting with others and making them smile, celebrating people and sharing our collective humanity. 

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