Story.  Art.  Adventure. 

I provide the highest quality imagery in unique, one-of-a-kind artistic photographic stories that bottle up a person and their personality... not just a face. All the while, you get to enjoy a fun adventure together as a family.

Your photo experience can range from a mini session, full-day and multi-day packages.





mini adventure

I spend approx. 2-3 hours with you and your family, while you enjoy a fun urban adventure, an outdoor excursion or simply relaxing time in the comfort of your home. This is your slice of life. Together we find the adventure that's right for you. I'm simply a friend hanging out for the afternoon, photographing the special, spontaneous smiles, laughter and touching interactions that make your family you. 

day of adventure

This is my most popular session among return customers. It's an amazing keepsake of a 'day in your life,' right here, right now. Time is so fleeting that we forget all of the little details that are actually so precious. I hang out with you, like a friend would, and photograph your life. The snuggles in the morning, the messy mealtimes, swim lessons, sibling fights, and we plan a fun excursion out-and-about. It's about all of those subtle moments, the seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary moments. 

year of adventure

Ditch the stress of finding the time to cull through thousands of iPhone photos and organizing a yearly photo book. I come to you, approx. 2-3 hours, 4 times in one year, documenting your story. It's a year in your life. I capture the everyday moments you so rarely get to document, along with those special moments like a birthday, grandparent visit, or a child beginning to crawl. You walk away with a memory book and video of you and your child's precious year together. 



Please request a product & pricing guide for full available services. 



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