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Portland, OR is my home base… but I’ve travelled to over 28 countries.

My favorite travel companions are my two little explorers & my husband. Next stop… SE Asia!

My nature is curious, creative with a healthy dose of adventure.

I was once a SCUBA diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve talked to astronauts who have walked on the moon, Cambodian genocide survivors, scientists who have explored the deepest parts of the ocean, and everyone in between. I’m convinced the most interesting stories come from the little-known, most unexpected people.

I’ve crossed the Atlantic Ocean by boat twice (once on a yacht and another time on an air craft carrier). Next time it’ll be in a sailboat.

I’ve come nose-to-nose with a whale shark, hammerhead shark, a bear and a kangaroo. Maybe I’m pushing my luck?

I love my morning lattes, my daily meditative jogs, and anything involving the outdoors.

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