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This is visual storytelling made simple, for you or your organization, no matter your skill level.  

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+ workshops ... for organizations & social enterprises

I teach organizations & small businesses not only how to find their story, but how to effectively share their story in a powerful visual way – and on any budget. Get a free consult to determine if a workshop is right for your nonprofit or business. Or sign-up to hear about my next public workshop.

+ mentorships ... for photo/video professionals

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2-Hour Consultation

No matter what stage you're at, this is a great way to get quick targeted feedback to move your work or a specific project forward. Send me your treatment, your grant proposal, your reel, trailer or rough cut - we'll then meet (or Skype) for a 2-hr session working through your questions and/or your sticking points, enabling you to take your work to the next level. This focuses on whatever it is you want feedback on, from story to edit to distribution to portfolio critique.

Rate: $350, 2 hrs

3-Part Consultation

This takes the 2-Hour Consultation to the next level. After reviewing your work or specific project, we meet to devise a plan to tackle your particular challenges. We not only get you moving forward, but the 2nd and 3rd sessions allow for more in-depth critique and follow-up to make sure you're on the right path. It is completely customizable to your needs. And can be be done in person in Portland or via Skype.

Rate: $675, 3 x 1.5 hr sessions + an email check-in in between each session

3- or 6-Month Mentorship

This allows us for the greatest in-depth review of your work or a specific project as it is brought to life. I absolutely love helping filmmakers and photographers grow, sharing my knowledge, and helping them succeed. I'll work hand-in-hand with you to address every challenge that comes your way, to make a real plan for success.

Rate: $1350, 6 x 1-hr sessions + an email check-in in between each session

*Choose between a 3-month option (biweekly meetings) or 6-month option (1x month meetings)

Call. Email. Let's chat. We'll figure out how you or your organization can save time and money on your storytelling needs. 

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